How to Write a Poem on WhatsApp

واٹس اپ؟ – دلوں کو چھو لینے والی ایک انگریزی نظم

How to Write a Poem on WhatsApp

What’s Up

My second English Poem in Rhymed-Free-Verse

Though since long you have disabled your last-seen

But I saw you ‘online’ and wonder who they have been

You told me you were tired and going to sleep

And insisted not to disturb you by giving another beep

If it were not you then, who was sleeping

I don’t know why now I feel like weeping

I know you have flown far beyond the sea

Yet, I believe you to be mine wherever you be

In the beginning my love you would always reply

And kept on chatting while texting goodbye

Remember I still you calling me day and night

And nothing on your account was hidden in my sight

I wonder what happened where those moments are

You were not closer, but not were so far

Why, a wall-of-fire now rages in between

The link seems down, the route unclean

Always when I call the line is busy

Is it by chance or something is fishy

I believe in you and sustain no doubt

But how can I sustain this anxiety bout

Broken is my device I know to the core

Since it has happened never before

When night is over and comes the sun

I shall go out and buy a new one

We shall be united to never outgrow

My heart is weak cannot cushion another blow

It has been a week since I whatsapped you last

Waiting for the beep I am hanging on the mast

I wonder though arrows both have turned blue

What’s taking so long for a ring overdue

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